A few years later I was pumping petrol one night when a plumber chap drove into the petrol station. I found myself asking him, “What do you think about adult apprenticeships?” He started telling me how adult apprentices are good because they come to work and do their job and aren’t sidetracked by texting their mates!” So I said, “Would you consider me?” and so my new career began.

I was 62 when I finished my final paper and after a few ups and downs, I started my own business. I’m now a successful businessman, I’m part of the Seventh Day Adventist Church (so if you txt or email me on Saturday, I'll be in Church), and have an amazing life that I could never have imagined.

My business is called YND Plumbing and Bathrooms which stands for “Yahweh and Donald”, because without God I would not be here and not in the plumbing business.

My Story

By the time I was 42 I had single-handedly ruined my life. I was a mess... I was an alcoholic, I just hit rock bottom. I found God (or He found me) and my life changed.